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Filter Paper

Filter Paper


Imaculator Filter Paper is one of the heaviest papers available so it holds up to daily cleaning.  The paper is designed to hold the filter powder for easy removal with a broad spatula.  When used with Fatso Kleen filter powder, the filter paper should be changed approximately every 10 days or after 1,000 lbs. of shortening filtration.  

As with any filter paper, when used alone, it only serves to strain the large particles. 

Item #    Description                                                Retail

648    LXB-6 filter paper 17.25" x 17.5"            $150.48
    Sold in quantities of 48 envelopes per box.

840    LXB-8 filter paper 19.63" x 20.75"         $127.60
    Sold in quantities of 40 envelopes per box.

Discounts available based on amount of order.



We can supply a multitude of papers, call for quote on your paper needs.


As always, we recommend using Fatso Kleen filter powder in the filtering process for maximum effectiveness, no matter what brand of machine and paper you require.