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Fatso Kleen

Fatso Kleen Filter Powder

Fatso Kleen Filter Powder is the most important component in the filter process.  It is the powder which actually purifies and filters by attracting and absorbing the microscopic particles that the paper can not catch on its own.  This inert harmless and tasteless powder, a compound of diatomaceous earth (food industry classification of course), collects and suspends the insoluble impurities and acids which develop in shortening from age and heat exposure.  The oil is then returned to the fryer as sweet and odorless as the day it was new.

The amount of powder to be used is determined directly by the volume of shortening to be purified.  Use this rule of thumb: 10 oz. of Fatso Kleen for each 100 pounds of oil or shortening.  You should filter and purify the shortening at least daily; a high volume operation will require more frequent purification.

Regular purification actually extends the life of your paper as well as the shortening.  When using Fatso Kleen, the larger impurities are suspended above the powder rather than being allowed to become impregnated in the filter paper.  This not only extends the life of the paper, but maximizes the flow of the shortening.  We're not saying that your shortening and paper will now last forever; but by keeping them clean and pure, you will extend their life greatly, save dollars and most important you will serve quality foods day... after day... after day.

25# of Fatso Kleen is available for $52.10 shipping & handling included

Discounts available based on amount of order.