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Imaculator Filter Machine

It is the size of the filter area that counts and the Imaculator Edible Fat Purifier's Giant Vacuum Pillow provides for a filtering area nearly four times as large as any other filter.

The Model LXB-8 Imaculator has been designed to filter cooking oil and shortening as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Due to the low profile of the machine, it is able to roll directly under the fryer drain.  This feature eliminates the employee having to carry or pour hot oils from a drainable type fryer.

 The machine stands approximately 10 1/2" high and will accept 80 to 110 lbs of shortening into its reservoir tank.  Approximate dimensions for complete machine 20" x 29 3/4" x 10 1/2".  Entire machine body is stainless steel. 

The LXB works well with most fryers.  In some cases, depending on the design of the fryer, it may be necessary to install auxiliary piping onto the drain spout of the fryer to provide easy access for the Imaculator.  In most instances, an "L" and/or extension piece will suffice, it they are necessary at all.  When required, the Imaculator can be custom built to your dimensions in our fabrication shop.

The LXB can also be used with non-drainable fryers.  If an electric fryer with no drain is used, remove the insert pan full of oil and pour the entire contents into the Imaculator tank.

Fatso Kleen Filter Powder is the most important component in the filter process.  It is the powder which actually purifies and filters.  

Without the use of Filter Powder, the Imaculator will not achieve fully desirable results, it will accomplish only part of the job for which it was designed.  The shortening should always be filtered at cooking temperatures for best results.

Model LXB